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sustainable home.

Making eco-friendly textiles and home goods is my way of contributing to a brighter future and supporting sustainable living. I think we live in important times and need to take steps to take care of the world we live in. Getting sustainable fiber into ones home in a functional way is one step, and I really take pleasure in doing that in a way which is beautiful and inspirational as well. There is a special quality to goods which are made by hand, with intent and with purpose; they are made by someone who cares and who brings their own joy and happiness into their products.



I work with blends of hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester, all of which are eco-friendly fabrics.

Hemp is a great material for every day use, it can be washed in warm water and tumble-dried, and softens beautifully the more you wash it and use it. It it also the strongest natural fiber in both wet and dry conditions, and is more sustainable to grow than cotton, using fifty percent less water.

However, by adding organic cotton to the blend it becomes even softer to the touch than pure hemp. One of the reasons I choose to work with organic cotton is that no pesticides are used in growing the crop. Unfortunately when non-organic cotton is grown commercially about one pound of pesticides gets dumped into the earth for every three pieces of clothing made. Hemp is also a pesticide-free crop in it self, being so tough and hardy there is no need for these toxins.

The recycled polyester in my napkins helps them wrinkle less, and the inserts for my pillows are made from recycled soda bottles.

I love nature, and enjoy it every day. I’m an avid believer in doing everything we can in our daily lives to protect and preserve it. A large part of that is being aware of how our choices and behaviours affect the environment, thinking about how we live, what we use and consume. Eco-friendly fabrics are my choice, and helps limit the incredible amount of synthetic pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers that go into the soil every day. It’s one step on a path towards a more sustainable living, towards cleaner drinking water, more nutrient-filled foods, and better air for us to breath.

Using cloth napkins and towels is not only nicer to touch and feel, and more beautiful to look at around your home, this choice itself is also an eco-friendly one and is far more sustainable than the one-use paper options. My towels and napkins produce no waste, you can use them an infinite number of times, there is less energy consumed, less pesticides in the soil, and more trees on the planet. For me, this choice is easy.


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